Rockies’ 2016 Attempt to Ruin Baseball in Denver

It’s a new Spring, and the Rockies are coming off another disappointing campaign, at least for the owners. They are disappointed because their 2015 efforts fell short of their ultimate goal – to make the Colorado Rockies the worst team in Major League Baseball. In 2015, two other teams actually had worse records than the Denver-based group, in spite of the best efforts of the Monforts, owners of the team. The twin owners do deserve congratulations for a yeoman-like effort, though, weakening the team by hiring a new General Manager with virtually no experience, retaining the field manager who had no experience coming in, and trading their best player to Toronto for players that did not contribute. Additionally, they have raised the fences 15 feet higher in right-center field and down the left field line, in order to prevent those pesky late inning, game winning homeruns by the hometown heroes. They claim it will prevent “cheap” homeruns by visiting teams, but it will obviously hurt the team that plays 81 games here more than the others. The Baseball Observer will endeavor to keep a count of how many homers are prevented by the new extensions to analyze the effectiveness of the latest charade.
The Rockies’ owners are doubling down in 2016 and will not be denied. While they are still predicted to finish ahead of both Philadelphia and Atlanta, those teams are looking much better on paper than the Rockies, so it could be a tight race. It doesn’t really matter, though, because fans that attend Rockies games are coming for the view, the weather, and the party atmosphere, not baseball. So, the team can be out of the pennant race by May or June, which will allow the owners to dump expensive veterans like Jose Reyes, Carlos Gonzales, Nolan Arenado, Charlie Blackmon, and DJ LeMahieu while continuing to rake in millions of dollars from high attendance and TV revenue. By finishing near last, they will also be sure to get access to the best young talent they can groom for sale in a few years.
Again, the team will be fun to watch, due the talent of the aforementioned veterans, plus the addition of some talented rookies like Trevor Story and Miguel Castro. Adding to the fun, the pitching is a mess, so there is little chance of any shutouts being pitched at the local ballpark. Contrary to the belief of the owners and their sycophants, the fault does not lie in the ballpark, but in the heads and arms of their pitchers and in the hearts of their bosses.
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