Bernie Lincicome Hits Rock Bottom

Talk about your bitter, angry, no-talent sportswriters! Bernie “Linci” Lincicome, the soon-to-be-unemployed hack sports “writer” for the Rocky Mountain News, memorialized earlier on this site for his extremely boorish behaviour, has trumped his earlier forays into the depths of crude writing and rude manners with his latest foray into attempted satire. Saturday, when his paper is the only one published in this one-rag town, “Burnie” took the opportunity to make a weak, spineless attempt at trashing former Broncos coach, Mike Shanahan. In the article, Linci said he was withdrawing his own name from consideration for the position (ha, ha), and then proceeded to suggest alternate careers for Mr. Shanahan, including:

“Ferret impersonator. Or is this too obvious?”

“Furnace repairman. Just as long as someone else takes care of the draft.”

“Opera singer. The game ain’t over till the little man’s eyes turn to slits.”

You get the picture, lame attacks that are as unfunny as they are inaccurate and poorly written. Shanahan is a sure Hall of Fame coach who earned his way with sometimes brilliant coaching that brought two Super Bowl victories to Denver, a gargantuan achievement that is beyond Linci’s ability to comprehend.

Linci is just reinforcing the obvious: that he is a bitter, untalented, know-nothing hack who didn’t have the balls to ask Mike any hard questions during his 14 years in Denver, but now thinks it is cool to pile on with cheap shots now that Shanahan can’t defend himself.

All sports fans will do a little dance when Linci is finally fired and leaves town in ignomy.

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