Rockies in Disarry; Local Pundits Running For Cover

The sports pundits from Denver newspapers, magazines, radio and TV stations, and most web sites, all predicted the Rockies would be contenders in 2008. They were caught up in the euphoria of the unbelievable trip the team made to the World Series in 2007, and would not believe that the Rockies would not continue their fabulous winning ways in the new season. Sort of the Obamamaniacs of Baseball, the Rockiemaniacs. They certainly didn’t listen to the Baseball Observer, even though we were the only ones to predict, back in April of 2007 that Colorado would make it to the World Series.

As you can readily verify on this page and others, the Baseball Observer predicted this years performance, noting that the combination of amazingly good health and an astounding number of “career years” accounted for last years performance and it could not happen again. It hasn’t, and it won’t.

The Rockies have wonderful talent on the field, but nothing but third rate people after that. Third-raters include the manager, Clint Hurdle, the GM “Feelin” Dan O’Dowd, the President, and of course the meat-headed principal owners the Monfort Twins. These guys are all on the baseball D-list. Nobody else would hire them, because they didn’t know what they were doing in the beginning, and they haven’t learned much from their plethora of mistakes. You can’t mix first-rate people with third-rate ones, because they just drop to their level, as was proven by Jim Leyland, who counts as the only blemish on a certain Hall of Fame career, the year he spent in Denver being dragged down to the level of the Monforts and O’Dowd.

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