Another Satisfied Reader

Below is the entire email, unedited. Our comments are in red.


"Hello. I just stumbled onto your "Denver Baseball Observer" page, which I assume you wanted people to confuse with a real newspaper."

How would anyone confuse a web page for a real newspaper?


"Time and ennui (Listlessness and dissatisfaction resulting from lack of interest, according to Webster's.) prevent me from discussing your horrible page design,"

We make no apology for the design of the page, it is intended to be read, not hung on the wall.


"your blatent(sic) homerism for the Rockies,"

We are anything but "homers" for the Rockies, which is obvious even to the most casual observer. If you want "homers", listen to the Rockies' radio and TV broadcasts.


"or your inexplicable hatred for Mark Kisla(sic) and the rest of the sports writers in Denver."

We have no hatred for Mr. Kisla or the sportswriters in Denver. We are simply sorry that their articles are uninteresting, inaccurate, and poorly written and researched. They are basically football writers who just write baseball stories in the off season because their employers force them to. Their coverage is partially responsible for the decline in attendance, in our view. But, lest you think we are the only ones criticizing Kisla and his ilk, Mike Rosen, a KOA talk show host was quoted in the Post today (September 7, 2001 in Dick Kreck's column) as saying on his show: "In the dictionary, under the listing for a-hole, it should have a little sketch of Mark Kiszla." Mr. Rosen writes a weekly column in the Rocky Mountain News, and before that he wrote for the Denver Post for 15 years.


"Instead, let's focus on one little detail. In your Sept. 5 'recap' you

quote ESPN as saying "The game drew 30,455, the lowest-paid attendance in

the seven-year history of Coors Field." I saw the episode of Baseball

Tonight from which this quote was extracted, and their point was not that

attendance in Colorado is shamefully low. They were discussing the Braves -

Expos game, where only 3,806 souls saw the home team win 10-4. Their point,

which was apparently lost on you, was that Montreal is a poor baseball city."

The quote was from the recap of the Rockies game at The point they were making was precisely as stated. It had nothing to do with Montreal.


"Denver, by contrast, is a good baseball city where the *lowest* paid

attendance in club history is still nearly 10 times better than Montreal's."

Even if Denver is a good baseball city, any interested person has to be concerned with diminishing attendance. If the Rockies continue to put teams on the field that don't win, and the attendance continues to shrink, Colorado will eventually have no Major League Baseball. That is our worst nightmare.


"I can assure you I will never darken your doorstep again,"

We are truly sorry to hear that. We have always welcomed dissenting opinions.


"but let me leave with some advice. First, a little enthusiasm for the home team is a fine thing, but try to remain objective in both your praise and your criticism. Second, an unending stream of vitriol against anyone who disagrees with you won't win you many readers. And finally, make sure your facts and quotes are accurate. Using inaccurate or out-of-context facts to make your point smacks of yellow journalism."

Good advice, we have always tried to follow it - you should, too. I can't speak for our other writers, but I always try to be objective. The only "unending stream of vitriol" I've seen lately is in your email. We are always accurate when we use quotes and facts. Nothing was taken out of context. Of course we do make exception when used for satiric purpose, but we would hope that it is obvious to the reader.


Keep those cards and letters coming, folks! It's not important that you like what we do, only that you read it.