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Winning Team
The Rockies did have winning teams in 1995 (77-67), 1996/1997 (83-79 both years), and 2000 (82-80). Except for the strike-shortened fluke year in 1995, they have never been close to going into the post season. In '95 they were humiliated in the playoffs by the Braves, three games to one. If they had modeled the team after other successful expansion franchises, such as Kansas City and Arizona, they probably would have had winning seasons every single year and would have been to the World Series at least once.
Good Announcers
It is hard to overestimate the importance of having good announcers. Radio and TV sports announcers who know what they are doing increase the fan base and elevate the image of the team. They provide exciting, interesting broadcasts that stimulate interest in the team and players and ultimately increase attendance at the ballpark. Examples of great announcers are Vin Scully in Los Angeles and Bob Eucker in Milwaukee - once you start listening to these guys, you can't turn the radio off, and when the game is over, you can't wait for the next game. Before you know it, you know all about the players and their exploits and you can't wait to see them in person - while listening on the radio or TV, of course. If you go to Dodger or Brewers games, you will see a high percentage of fans with radios or portable TV's - look around at Coors Field sometime.

On the other hand, the negative impact of announcers that are not so great is dramatic. The Rockies announcers on radio and TV are so boring that even the most avid fan can't stand to listen to them. Their presentation of the game is poor to begin with, but they also destroy the continuity of the broadcast by drifting off into unrelated areas that cause the fans to lose interest or become frustrated. For example, when you're listening to a baseball game and someone asks you "Since when do you listen to talk radio?", the announcers are not good. As I am writing this, I'm listening to the Rockies play the Phillies on Channel 2 with announcers Drew Goodman and George Frazier. They spent an entire inning talking about the AFLAC trivia question, which was: "What was the last Philadelphia team to win a championship?". Now this may be interesting to someone in Philadelphia, but it doesn't add much of anything for the Rockies' fan. Then, they spent a half inning talking about basketball players that had played in Philadelphia and then drifted into talking about Pete Maravich. Then, for no apparent reason, they started talking about how they resemble the stars of the movie "Twins" (Danny DeVito and Arnold Schwarzenegger), followed by Drew launching into his early days in Aspen and how he met Arnold and other celebrities at the Aspen Club.

Anyway, you get the point. People don't want to listen to a talk show, and even if they did it does nothing to further the interests of baseball, the Rockies, and their fans.
Worthwhile Promotions
Here are some promotions from other team's sites. Ever see anything like them in Denver? Why not?
        Angels (excerpted from their MLB web site):
Sundays are Fun Days - Looking for something to do with the family on a Sunday afternoon? Edison Field is the place to be. The Domino's Pizza Sunday Fun Pack offers your family 4 Upper View tickets, 4 pizzas by the slice, 4 small soft drinks and $8 in game tokens, all for only $45! A savings of $47! Look for coupons at

And while at the park you can enjoy other great activities. Every Sunday is a 1-800-Dentist Family Sunday. Kids can enjoy face painters, balloon artists and a special visit from the tooth fairy in the 1-800-Dentist Family Zone. In addition, UPS Autograph Sundays feature two Angels players or coaches signing autographs from 11:45-12:15 inside Gates 1 and 4.

Back-to-Back Jacks - This year, Domino's is offering all fans an opportunity to get free pizza. Each time the Angels hit back-to-back home-runs at home, all fans in attendance will receive a FREE medium, one-topping pizza from Domino's. Fans may redeem their prize at any Southern California Domino's location, valid the day following the game only.

Check these Phillies promotions in just one week! Phillies