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Rockies Win 2016 Opener In Convincing Fashion at Arizona, 10-5!

by The Baseball Observer


Continuing the tradition of scoring double-digit victories on the road to start a season (they beat Milwaukee 10-0 last year), the Rockies drubbed the Arizona Diamondbacks and legendary super pitcher Zack Greinke in Phoenix last night. The game lasted for an amazing four hours and eleven minutes and Rockies' fans savored every minute of it.

If the season ended today, the Baseball Observer would be satisfied with Colorado's performance. After all, there was a season's worth of highlights:

  • Nobody has seen anyone get six runs off Greinke since he pitched for Milwaukee on May 26, 2012.
  • And he hasn't been seen giving up three homers in a game since August 19, 2009. (Dates from
  • Nobody has ever seen a rookie hit two home runs on Opening Day in the first game he has ever played in the Major Leagues. Rockies rookie shortstop Trevor "True" Story did it in his second and third at bats against one of the greatest pitchers playing today. The second shot was a monster, landing 439 estimated feet away.
  • Colorado's star third baseman Nolan Arenado also hit a homerun, continuing an Opening Day tradition. He hit one in the first game last year, a 10-0 win at Milwaukee.
  • Carlos "CarGo" Gonzalez hit a homerun that was clocked at 117.36 miles per hour, faster than all but two hit last year.
  • The Rockies not only won a game on the road, they scored double digit runs, something almost as rare as rain in Phoenix. In fact, in 2015, the only time they scored ten runs on the road was on Opening Day, so they have already tied last year's record!
  • The Rockies did not make a single error in the field.
  • Colorado was losing 1-0 after Grienke knocked in a run, so the game actually qualifies as a comeback, something that is also rare to see on the road for these Rockies.
  • It was the longest nine inning game in Arizona Diamondback history. It probably seemed a lot longer to Arizona fans, most of whom were home before it was over, even if they lived in Tucson, nearly two hours away.
  • The relief pitchers held on to a lead!
  • The pitcher got a hit, just like last year's Opening Day.Jorge De La Rosa got a hit this year, last year it was Kyle Hendricks (now playing for the Salt Lake City Bees in the LA Angels triple-A minors)
  • The Rockies are now in the midst of a two game winning streak, as they won the final game last season.

Last season, the Rockies started out with a four game win streak which included the home opener, before finally losing at home to the Chicago Cubs. They continued to win on the road, amassing a six game road win streak before finally losing all three games to the Dodgers in LA. That uncharacteristic win streak did not turn out to be a predictor of a good season for the team, so maybe it would be better if they lost one in Arizona...

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