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Colorado Electronics Industry Companies are Leading the World in Innovation, Quality, and Respect for People and the Planet…
They are breaking new ground in whatever they do. Innovation is the common thread among all of the companies from Colorado showing their wares at the grandest electronics trade show of all, CES in Las Vegas. Whether they are pushing the envelope in conventional industries, like Boulder Amplifiers demonstrating the highest quality and most expensive ($25,000) CD player in the world, or going places no one else has gone before, as in the case of Gamma Two’s robots, the Colorado companies at the show were unified in presenting something new and exciting.
They also have another thing in common: success at CES. Every representative I talked to said they had a positive experience at the 2010 CES and planned to return the following year. And for most it wasn’t a new experience either, with the average Colorado company attending for over 10 years with some boasting that they had been attending for over 25 years.
Aside from familiar brands like Hewlett-Packard, Dish Network, EchoStar, OtterBox, CaseLogic and Pentax, most Colorado companies would probably not be familiar to the average person. Many of them, like the Jeff Rowland Design Group and Boulder Amplifiers will probably never be widely known outside of the their niche market, in this case high end audio equipment. But that doesn’t mean that every one of them isn’t a great story and a uniquely successful business, the type of small to medium sized high technology companies that drive the Colorado economy.
Colorado companies at the CES show fell into 12 categories: Accessories, Audio, Cameras, Cases, Computers, Furniture, Home Networks, Merchandising, Power, Recycling, Robotics, and Video. Each week another Colorado attendee will be profiled, followed by other interesting companies in the state that were not at CES, but probably should be.
We will begin with the Accessory Category that includes Boulder company Nite Ize and Golden’s Epilog Laser.
Nite Ize


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