"There’s no job at home receiving and forwarding packages. And there's no job sitting at home receiving money and sending the money to Eastern Europe." Barry Mew, spokesman for the U.S. Postal Inspection Service in the MSNBC article Online Job Scammers Steal Millions
  • One of the best ways to get a tech job is to attend educational events where you can add people to your network who are currently employed in the industry. The best way to find these meetings in Denver is at the Tech Events Network.
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  • Carefree of Colorado - Wasted the time of one interviewee by asking him to take a substantial salary cut after he had driven all the way to the interview in Broomfield.

    Compri Consulting, Inc - Time waster.

    IHS, Inc. - Hired a consultant for a 4 month contract, then cancelled the contract with no notice or explanation after 3 weeks.

    Sapphire Technologies -Don't let these people waste your time by having you come down to their office and wait for over an hour to fill out a form when they have no jobs.

    Modis, Inc. - Got nasty when an applicant decided not to accept a position and told him he would never work in this town.

    WebRoot - These people want you to spend 8 hours writing a program for them - then they won't spend 5 minutes to tell you why they decided not to hire you weeks later.

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