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Rockies Finally End 5-Month Losing Streak

It had been the worst streak in Rockies history and many fans gave up on the team in frustration. Who could blame them, with the losing streak dragging on month after month, beginning on that fateful day in Boston, October 24th, 2007, when the beloved Colorado home team was drubbed unmercifully by Red Sox, 13-1. They continued to lose another game in Beantown by a 2-1 margin, followed by a hopeful return home to Coors Field, only to be beaten soundly again, 10-5, and finally losing the deciding game 4-3. Despair reigned as fans and players alike waited in vain for another victory to end the pain and suffering, finally to be rewarded on February 27th of 08, with a Spring Training win over the Chicago White Sox in Tucson, 8-5. No doubt the champagne flowed in the clubhouse after that historic victory, ending the most devastating losing streak in the history of Baseball and possibly the very legend of Man.

It’s a wonder the team was able to stand the pressure and humiliation of such a devastating continuous travail, especially since each player only got the loser’s share of the World Series money, a meager $233,505.18 each. Probably their deep religious convictions carried them through, though some used other, less spiritual methods.

Troy “Tulo” Tulowitzki, for example, bought a $115,000 black Maserati GranTurismo sportscar with his playoff money and the proceeds of a brand new $31 million dollar, 5 year contract, the most ever paid a player after his first year. Meanwhile, he encourages the rest of the town to buy Hondas on TV and pretends he drives an Accord. He really only wanted the Accord to park behind the “Maz” so nobody could steal it. He’s not alone, though, the player’s parking area at the Rockies winter home at Hi Corbett Field in Tucson looks like a staging area for the newest models of an exotic car dealership.


Unfortunately, the Rockies celebration was a bit premature. Their losing streak actually began in the World Series, so can only be ended by a victory in the Fall Classic. It could be years, maybe decades….