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Lame Quotes

5/23/2007 "There is about the local fan the sense that bad baseball is better than no baseball." Bernie "Lame-O" Lincicome on the Scripps website, probably because he didn't have the guts to put it in the Rocky Mountain News. Denver baseball fans are far better than that, but the Rocky Mountain News and the other media in town, obviously feel that bad writing is better than no writing, as they prove by continuing to employ people like Bernie and Kiszla, and Renck, etc., etc. And they finally proved it once and for all by going out of business.

No Phinish in Phoenix

Game 1, April 6, 2009

Hero: Hawpe Goat: Spilborghs Hurdles: 2

The Rockies blew up the best pitcher in the National League, only to watch their own hurlers fall short. Troy Tulowitzki and Chris Ianetta slammed back-to-back long flies as Colorado scored 6 on Webb, the 2006 Cy Young winner. But ace Aaron Cook gave up an equal number and reliever Jason Grilli allowed the final blow, a 7th inning solo blast by Chad Tracy to give Arizona a 9-8 victory in the Nation's dry heat capital.

Brad Hawpe was the hero and big gun in the Rox' arsenal, with 3 hits in 4 trips, including 2 doubles and 3 RBI.

Ryan Spilborghs may have been the goat, because it looked like he missed a hit and run sign with Chris Ianetta taking off for second base in the 6th inning. In a 1-run game, you cannot make mistakes like that. Maybe Ianetta missed the sign, or decided to steal on his own, in which case he is the goat.

Hurdles (pun intended) that the Rockies had to overcome in this game included:
1.  Hurdle failing to recognize Cook's inability to pitch effectively until he had given up 6 runs. This early in the season, you have to expect some quick hooks, and you have to make them if you expect to win. Clint never has.
2.  If Clint called the hit-and-run in the 6th with Ianetta on base, it was a boneheaded move. Spilborghs is a right-handed hitter, so the hole opened up on the right side would have not benefitted him. Besides, Spilborghs has reasonable power and might have doubled home Ianetta, who would have been running on contact with two outs. It was a high-risk, low benefit play that ended up being Hurdle the team couldn't jump over.