Fire Hurdle!
May 29, 2009. The Monforts finally kicked in Plan B and fired their straw man Clint Hurdle. We hope they gave him enough cash to enjoy life for a while, now that the torture has ended. We know that none of this was Clint's fault because he did not make a single decision without running it by the empty headed brain trust that has been attempting to run the Rockies for lo, these many years.

How can you tell it was not Clint's fault? Just like Don Baylor, no matter how long he managed, he never got any better. Good managers improve over time if they are allowed to make decisions and learn from them. The know-nothing Monforts are calling all of the shots and they never change, attributing all of their failures to poor execution by the managers and the players.

What needs to happen in RockiesLand, is the Monforts need to recognize that the people of Colorado have given them a great gift that they did nothing to earn, and they have an obligation to do something good in return. In this case, their goal should be to clean house and bring in championship baseball people. Then they need to step back and let them bring home some championships. Above all, they need to be good citizens and deliver a quality product to the people.

They only need to look at the Cubs, to see how a quality product brings in the fans year after year, without even winning. Or they could look at the Red Sox, a team that demands quality performance from every single employee and tolerates nothing less.

But, we know the Monforts won't do any of the above, and in a way, firing Hurdle proves it. They are laying the blame at Clint's feet instead of their own. But what do we expect from guys with their history, especially considering the way they came to own the Rockies? Our only hope is that someone, like Boston's owners, for example, decides to retire to Denver and makes the MeatHeads an offer they can't refuse. Well, we can dream, can't we?

Original site text follows:

Nearly everyone has seen enough.

With the exception of one glorious 21-day streak, the Clint Hurdle Colorado Rockies SUCK!

We all know, of course, that it isn't totally Rube's, I mean Clint's, fault that the Rockies suck. It really should be laid at the feet of that unholy foursome, Charlie "Chuckles" Monfort (Chairman and CEO), Richard "Dickie" Monfort (Vice Chairman), Keli S. "Football" McGregor (President), and Daniel J. "Dealin' Dan" O'Dowd (Executive Vice President and General Manager). Or maybe it should be "Holy Foursome", given their religious proclivity (see the "God's Team" article in Sports Illustrated).

But, since these brain-dead mis-managers won't fire themselves, we can only start at the bottom and single out clueless Clint to be the scapegoat.

We realize that it is probably a fruitless gesture, because even when they had one of the greatest managers in the history of the game, sure first ballot Hall of Famer Jim Leyland, they managed to trip him up and make sure that he could not produce a winning team here.

Anyway, this seems to be the year of "CHANGE. We don't care what kind of CHANGE, just any CHANGE", so changing managers can't be a bad idea.

Maybe we can find some handsome, smooth talker with virtually no experience to take over. Hey, if it's good enough for the Democrats, it should be good enough for the Rockies, too.

They can even compare notes when the Dems have their shindig down the street at the Denver Pepsi Center in August!

In the meantime, our position is simple: Fire Clint Hurdle as soon as possible.

Now that's change you can believe in!

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Add a candidate for new Rockies manager. The Mets fired Willie Randolph after a 9-6 victory over one of the best teams in baseball, the LA Angels. Willie was fired because Met's management is nearly as incompetent as Colorado's, so he would be a good choice as Clint's successor.
Other candidates the Baseball Observer recommends are Buck Showalter, Ron Roenicke, Ted Simmons, and Gary Varsho.
Hire Ryne Sandberg
There is an old saying for testing ideas: "See if it plays in Peoria". Hall of Fame player and future HOF manager Ryne Sandberg, the former second baseman Par Excellence of the Chicago Cubs, is now the manager of the Peoria Chiefs of the Class A Midwest League. From all accounts, he is doing an excellent job there,  and is already being touted by the Chicago media as the Cubs' next manager. What better place to be groomed for moving up to the Cubs than Colorado? Let him get his Major League managerial feet wet in Denver first, then move to the Cubs when Piniella is fired? If the Rockies act fast, like right now, they can beat everyone else to the punch and have a decent manager, for a while, at least.